9 of the World's Most Deadliest Birds

By Manish Choudhary

1. Cassowary 

A bird from Australia and New Guinea. It can kick very hard and hurt people or animals badly. 

2. Ostrich 

The biggest bird. It can kick hard too. 

3. Golden Eagle 

A big bird that can hurt you with its sharp claws and beak. 

4. Harpy Eagle 

A huge bird from Central and South America. It has strong claws and can crush its prey's skull. 

5. Southern Cassowary 

Like the cassowary. It's found in New Guinea and Australia and can kick hard. 

6. Great Horned Owl 

A small but strong bird with sharp claws and beak. 

7. Peregrine Falcon 

The fastest bird. It dives at its prey very fast. 

8. Secretary Bird 

A bird from Africa with long legs. It stomps on prey like snakes and small animals. 

9. Australian Magpie 

A bird from Australia. It gets aggressive and might hurt people, especially during nesting season.