Top 10 Cutest Fish in the World

By  Manish Choudhary

1. Clownfish 

Colorful and playful fish, like in "Finding Nemo"!

2. Betta Fish 

Bright colors, fancy fins, very pretty.

3. Goldfish 

Chubby, colorful, fun to watch.

4. Guppy 

Small, colorful, easy to care for.

5. Neon Tetra 

Tiny, colorful, swim in groups.

6. Dwarf Gourami 

Small, colorful, peaceful fish.

7. Molly Fish 

Lots of colors, fun personalities.

8. Angelfish 

Pretty stripes, fancy fins.

9. Dwarf Pufferfish 

Tiny, round, lots of personality.

10. Paradise Fish 

Colorful, long fins, very elegant.