10 Gorgeous Places to Visit in Georgia

By  Manish Choudhary

1. Statue of Liberty 

A famous symbol of freedom on an island with great city views.

2. Central Park 

Big park in the city to walk, picnic, or enjoy concerts.

3. Met Museum 

Huge museum with lots of art from everywhere.

4. Broadway 

Street with exciting live shows and musicals.

5. Empire State Building 

Tall building with awesome city views.

6. High Line 

Park made from old train tracks with gardens and art.

7. Times Square 

Busy place with bright signs and lots to see.

8. 9/11 Memorial 

Place to remember people who died in the attacks.

9. MoMA 

Museum with cool modern art from famous artists.

10. Brooklyn Bridge 

Big bridge to walk or bike with nice river views.