Top 10 Animals with the Strongest Bites

By Manish Choudhary

1. Saltwater Crocodile 

These crocs have super strong jaws, with a bite force of up to 3,700 pounds per square inch (psi). They can even crunch through bones!

2. Nile Crocodile

Another type of crocodile, these guys have a bite force of around 5,000 psi. They're huge and can chomp down on big prey.

3. Great White Shark

Despite being famous for their scary teeth, great white sharks' bite force is about 4,000 psi. Still strong, though!

4. American Alligator 

Found in the southeastern U.S., these alligators have a bite force of about 2,125 psi. They're tough predators in the swamps.

5. Hippopotamus 

Hippos might seem chill, but they have a bite force of around 1,800 psi! They're strong enough to crush bones, even though they mainly eat plants.

6. Siberian Tiger 

Tigers are known for their strength, and their bite force is around 1,000 psi. They're big cats that can take down large prey.

7. Grizzly Bear 

Grizzly bears have a bite force of about 1,200 psi. They use their strong jaws to crush the skulls of their prey.

8. Gorilla 

Surprisingly, gorillas have a bite force of around 1,300 psi. They're not aggressive, but they can do serious damage if they need to.

9. Jaguar 

Jaguars have a bite force of around 1,500 psi. They're skilled hunters and can pierce through tough hides.

10. Lion 

Lions have a bite force of around 650 psi. It's not the strongest, but they're still impressive hunters, targeting the throat for a quick kill.