Top 10 American Animals and Wildlife

By  Manish Choudhary

1. Bald Eagle 

The bald eagle is a big bird that represents America. It's famous for being strong and free.

2. American Bison 

These are huge animals that used to roam around in big groups in the past.

3. Grizzly Bear 

A grizzly bear is a big, strong bear that lives in the western parts of North America.

4. American Alligator 

This is a big reptile that lives in swamps and rivers in the southern United States.

5. Gray Wolf 

Gray wolves are smart animals that live in North America. They're like big dogs.

6. California Condor 

The California condor is a really big bird. It's almost extinct, so people are trying to save it.

7. Mountain Lion 

A mountain lion is a big cat that lives in different parts of the Americas. It's good at hiding and hunting.

8. American Black Bear

American black bears are found in many places in North America.

9. Wild Mustang 

Wild mustangs are horses that live in the western United States. They're strong and tough.

10. Red-tailed Hawk 

This hawk is common in North America. It's known for its red tail feathers and flying high in the sky.