8 Best Places to Visit in Arizona

By  Manish Choudhary

1. Grand Canyon 

A huge, amazing canyon with cool views. You can hike or ride mules. 

2. Sedona 

A pretty place with red rocks. Good for hiking and seeing nice views. 

3. Antelope Canyon 

A special canyon with beautiful rocks and sunlight. Great for photos. 

4. Horseshoe Bend 

A bend in the river that looks like a horseshoe. You can see it from a high cliff. 

5. Monument Valley 

Big rocks in the desert that look like towers. You can drive or take a tour. 

6. Saguaro National Park 

A park with tall cacti. You can drive, walk, or look at birds and stars. 

7. Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum 

A museum about the desert with plants and animals. There are gardens and shows. 

8. Lake Powell 

A big lake for boating and fishing. There are pretty canyons to explore.