8 Best Places to Visit in Arizona

By Mary Apartment

1. Grand Canyon National Park 

It's huge and stunning! You can hike, bike, or camp along the edge, or even ride a mule down into the canyon.

2. Sedona 

Known for its beautiful red rocks and spiritual vibe. Perfect for hiking or just relaxing and taking in the views. 

3. Antelope Canyon 

A narrow canyon with swirling, colorful walls. Best seen when the sun is high. 

4. Monument Valley 

Big, towering rock formations that you might recognize from movies. It's on the border of Arizona and Utah. 

5. Saguaro National Park 

Home to giant saguaro cacti, the biggest in the U.S. You can hike, bike, or drive through to see them. 

6. Phoenix 

You can visit museums, art galleries, and beautiful gardens, or enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and golfing.

7. Havasu Falls 

A series of waterfalls on tribal land near the Grand Canyon. It's popular with hikers, but you need a permit to visit. 

8. Tucson 

Arizona's second-biggest city with a strong Mexican influence. There are museums, art galleries, and historical sites to explore.