Top 7 Most Profitable Crop in the United States

By  Manish Choudhary

1. Corn  

Big crop. Used for food, feed, and fuel. Makes good money for farmers.

2. Soybeans 

Important crop. Used for oil and animal feed. Farmers earn good profits.

3. Wheat 

Grown everywhere. Makes flour for bread. Can be profitable.

4. Cotton

Grows in the South. Used for clothes. Farmers make money selling it.

5. Almonds 

Grown in California. People eat them and use them in cooking. Farmers profit from them.

6. Apples 

Grown in many states, especially Washington. Eaten fresh or used in products. Good for farmers.

7. Tomatoes 

Grown in places like California. Used in lots of foods. Farmers can profit from them.