7 of the Most Beautiful Small Towns in Alaska

By Manish Choudhary

1. Homer 

Known for fishing and beautiful bay views, Homer is a great spot for a scenic stroll along the Homer Spit.

2. Sitka 

With its rich history and outdoor activities, Sitka offers something for everyone, from visiting historic sites to enjoying nature. 

3. Seward 

Surrounded by mountains and offering cruises to see glaciers, Seward is a must-visit for nature lovers. 

4. Talkeetna 

Talkeetna's quirky atmosphere and views of Denali make it a unique destination for adventure seekers. 

5. Girdwood 

Whether you're skiing in the winter or hiking in the summer, Girdwood has plenty of outdoor fun to offer. 

6. Haines 

Haines is a hidden gem with wildlife and cultural experiences waiting to be discovered. 

7. Skagway 

Step back in time in Skagway and explore its historic buildings and scenic railroad.