8 Best James Webb Space Telescope discoveries

By  Manish Choudhary

1. First Light 

Seeing the very first galaxies that formed after the Big Bang, giving us a glimpse of how the universe began. 

2. Exoplanet Atmospheres 

Examining the air around planets outside our solar system to see if they could support life. 

3. Star Birth 

Watching stars being born in our galaxy and in faraway places, helping us understand how stars come to life. 

4. Galactic Growth 

Looking at how galaxies grow and change over time, teaching us about how our own Milky Way formed. 

5. Space Between Stars 

Studying the stuff that fills the space between stars, where new stars are born. 

6. Black Hole Activity 

Checking out what's happening around supermassive black holes at the centers of galaxies, seeing how they eat up matter. 

7. Molecular Clouds 

Exploring the clouds where stars are born, learning about the stuff that makes up new stars. 

8. Cosmic Dawn 

Looking back to when the first stars and galaxies formed, helping us understand how the universe evolved from darkness to light.