8 of the Coolest Attractions on Oahu

By  Manish Choudhary

1. Waikiki Beach 

A famous beach with clear water and soft sand, great for swimming and relaxing.

2. Diamond Head 

A big hill with awesome views of the city and ocean. You can hike up it for exercise and amazing sights. 

3. Pearl Harbor 

A place with old ships and memorials to remember a big event in history. You can learn and pay respects there. 

4. Hanauma Bay 

A pretty beach with lots of colorful fish and coral. Perfect for snorkeling and seeing cool underwater stuff. 

5. Polynesian Cultural Center

A place to learn about different Pacific Island cultures. You can see shows, try food, and have fun. 

6. North Shore 

A famous spot for surfing. Big waves come in the winter, and lots of people watch or surf them.

7. Kualoa Ranch 

A big area with nature activities like horse riding and tours. They also filmed some movies there, so you can see famous spots. 

8. Iolani Palace 

The only palace in the U.S. You can go inside to see old furniture and things from Hawaii's royal past.