8 Best Summer Flowers to Bloom Home Garden

By  Manish Choudhary

1. Lavender 

Smells nice, attracts bees and butterflies, likes sunny spots.

2. Roses 

Beautiful and colorful, needs lots of sun and water.

3. Sunflowers 

Big, happy flowers, grow well in sunlight and good soil.

4. Zinnias 

Colorful flowers that come in different sizes, love sunny places.

5. Dahlias 

Fancy flowers with lots of colors, need sun and good soil.

6. Hibiscus 

Big, showy flowers, like sunny spots and water.

7. Geraniums 

Pretty flowers with a nice smell, grow well in sun or shade.

8. Cosmos 

Dainty flowers that attract bugs, love sunlight and different soils.