8 Best Places to Visit in Arizona

By Manish Choudhary

1. Grand Canyon National Park 

Famous for its stunning views and awesome trails.

2. Sedona 

Known for its beautiful red rocks, art scene, and spots to chill. 

3. Antelope Canyon 

A cool canyon with amazing light and rocks, perfect for pics. 

4. Saguaro National Park 

Home to tall cacti, with nice drives and walks. 

5. Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park 

Seen in movies, with tall rocks and wide views. 

6. Havasu Falls 

A breathtaking waterfall in the Grand Canyon with crystal-clear water. 

7. Petrified Forest National Park 

Famous for colorful wood and ancient art. 

8. Lake Powell 

A huge lake on the Arizona-Utah border, awesome for boating and exploring.