7 Best James Webb Space Telescope discoveries

By Manish Choudhary

1. Exoplanet Atmospheres 

JWST could help us learn about the air around planets outside our solar system, which could show if they might have life. 

2. Early Galaxies 

By looking back in time, JWST might see how the first galaxies formed, giving us clues about how the universe began. 

3. Star Formation 

With its infrared vision, JWST could witness the formation of stars and planets, unveiling the secrets of cosmic creation. 

4. Interstellar Medium 

JWST's observations could unlock the secrets of the interstellar medium, revealing the hidden dynamics of our galaxy. 

5. Dark Matter 

By studying gravitational lensing and galaxy clusters, JWST could uncover clues about dark matter, the elusive substance shaping the universe. 

6. Extragalactic Surveys 

JWST will conduct deep surveys of distant galaxies, painting a detailed picture of cosmic evolution. 

7. Solar System Exploration 

From asteroids to planetary atmospheres, JWST will explore our own backyard, uncovering new mysteries of the solar system.