Top 10 Best Freshwater Fish For Your Aquarium

By  Manish Choudhary

1. Neon Tetra 

Small, colorful, and easy to take care of. Great for beginners. 

2. Betta Fish 

Colorful fish with long fins. Can be kept in small tanks. Comes in many colors. 

3. Guppy 

Small and active fish with lots of colors and patterns. 

4. Angelfish 

Elegant with long fins. Need big tanks as they grow large. 

5. Discus 

Very colorful and unique body shape. Needs clean water and careful attention. 

6. Corydoras Catfish 

Friendly bottom-dwellers that clean up food scraps. 

7. Platy 

Hardy and easy to care for. Comes in lots of colors. 

8. Swordtail 

Similar to platies but with a sword-like tail.  

9. Mollies 

Hardy fish with lots of colors. Easy to care for. 

10. Bristlenose Pleco 

Helps clean algae. Looks unique with bristly whiskers.