9 Best California Beach Towns To Live

By  Manish Choudhary

1. Santa Barbara 

Pretty town with Spanish-style buildings and nice beaches.

2. Laguna Beach 

Cool spot for artists, with small beaches and artsy shops.

3. Santa Cruz 

Chill place with good surfing and fun stuff like the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

4. Huntington Beach 

Great for surfing, lots of fun beach activities and a lively downtown.

5. Manhattan Beach 

Fancy area in LA with nice beaches, trendy shops, and restaurants.

6. Newport Beach 

Upscale area with fancy homes, marinas, and cool views.

7. San Clemente 

Laid-back spot with good surfing, nice downtown, and Spanish-style buildings.

8. Malibu 

Famous for rich people, beautiful beaches, and fancy restaurants.

9. Pacific Grove 

Cute town with old-style buildings, nice walks by the coast, and near to other cool places.