10 of the America’s Best Historic Homes

By  Manish Choudhary

1. Mount Vernon (Virginia) 

George Washington's home. It's famous and has a nice river view.

2. Monticello (Virginia) 

Thomas Jefferson's house. He liked fancy buildings and learning.

3. The Breakers (Rhode Island) 

A big fancy house in Rhode Island for a rich family, the Vanderbilts.

4. Biltmore Estate (North Carolina 

A huge house in North Carolina with pretty gardens, owned by a family.

5. The White House (Washington, D.C.) 

Where the President lives and works. It's very old and important.

6. Fallingwater (Pennsylvania) 

A cool house over a waterfall made by a famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.

7. Graceland (Tennessee) 

Elvis Presley's old home, now a museum where people learn about him.

8. The Alamo (Texas) 

An old building in Texas important in a war.

9. The Hermitage (Tennessee) 

Andrew Jackson's house. People can visit to see how he lived.

10. Colonial Williamsburg (Virginia)

Not just one house, but a whole old town where people can see how things were long ago.