9 of the Best Places to Visit in Virginia

By Manish Choudhary

1. Colonial Williamsburg 

It's like stepping into the past. You can see old houses and talk to people dressed in old clothes.

2. Shenandoah National Park 

It's a big park with mountains, trails, and waterfalls. Great for hiking and enjoying nature.

3. Monticello 

This was Thomas Jefferson's home. You can visit his house and gardens and learn about his life.

4. Virginia Beach 

It's a fun beach with a long walkway. People go there to swim, relax, and play in the water.

5. Arlington National Cemetery 

This is where many soldiers are buried. You can visit to pay your respects.

6. Mount Vernon 

This was George Washington's home. You can see where he lived and learn about him.

7. Richmond 

It's the capital of Virginia. There are lots of old buildings and museums to see.

8. Luray Caverns 

These are caves with cool rocks inside. You can explore and see neat formations.

9. Chincoteague Island 

It's a pretty island with wild ponies. You can visit a wildlife area, go kayaking, and eat seafood.