10 Gorgeous Places to Visit in Georgia

By  Manish Choudhary

1. Starved Rock State Park 

It's got cool canyons and waterfalls. You can take easy or hard hikes there. 

2. Shawnee National Forest 

Down south, it's got lots of nature. You can hike, camp, climb rocks, or ride horses. Garden of the Gods is super pretty.

3. Galena 

Up north, it's a historic town with pretty views. You can kayak or canoe on the river, bike around, or play golf. 

4. Mississippi River Adventures 

The river is good for boating, fishing, and watching birds. You can also take a boat ride or paddle. 

5. Illinois Prairie Path 

This is an easy trail for walking, running, or biking. It goes through towns and countryside. 

6. Lake Michigan Shoreline 

There are lots of beaches and places to swim or sail along Lake Michigan. 

7. Biking the Great River Trail 

This trail goes along the Mississippi River. It's good for biking and you can see nice views and small towns. 

8. Cave Exploration at Cave-in-Rock State Park 

There's a big cave to explore in southern Illinois. You can also hike around and see the river.