10 Most Beautiful Road Trips in the USA

By  Manish Choudhary

1. California Coast Drive 

Cruise along California's coast for ocean views, cute towns, and historic spots.

2. Mountain Parkway 

Wind through Virginia and North Carolina for mountain scenery and colorful fall leaves.

3. Glacier Park Road 

Drive through Montana's Glacier National Park for snowy peaks and clear lakes.

4. Route 66 Journey 

Travel from Chicago to Los Angeles for old-timey sights and famous landmarks.

5. Oregon Coast Trip 

Explore Oregon's coast for cliffs, beaches, and charming towns.

6. Quiet Nevada Route 

Take a peaceful drive on Nevada's Highway 50 for open landscapes and quirky stops.

7. Mississippi River Drive 

Follow the Mississippi River for small towns, history, and beautiful views.

8. Mountain Highway 

Drive through Montana and Wyoming's Beartooth Mountains for stunning scenery.

9. Utah's Red Rock Drive 

Cruise through Southern Utah for red rock landscapes and famous parks.

10. Florida Keys Adventure 

Journey from mainland Florida to Key West for tropical vibes and underwater fun.