10 Gorgeous Places to Visit in Georgia

By  Manish Choudhary

1. Charlottesville 

Fun town with history, arts, and outdoor stuff like hiking and wineries.

2. Richmond 

Capital city with history, cool neighborhoods, and yummy food.

3. Alexandria 

Old town near D.C. with pretty buildings and lots of stuff to do by the water.

4. Williamsburg 

Old-timey town with cool history stuff and a fun theme park.

5. Staunton 

Small town in the mountains with artsy things and a famous theater.

6. Norfolk 

City by the water with a big navy history and tasty food.

7. Fredericksburg 

History town with old stuff to see and cute shops.

8. Blacksburg 

College town with hiking, arts, and good beer.

9. Roanoke 

City surrounded by mountains with outdoor fun and cool art.

10. Harrisonburg 

Nice town with good food, art, and outdoor stuff near a big university.